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The IndusTREE Advantage comes from working with IndusTREE's team of dedicated, skilled professionals who have expertise in all segments of the forest products industry, from seedlings to log harvesting to sawmill operations and beyond.

The IndusTREE Timber, Logging, Manufacturing, and Properties divisions—can handle all forest industry operations, from basic land management to high volume lumber and railroad cross-tie output. The IndusTREE Advantage comes from vertical integration at all levels of the forest products industry supply chain—giving IndusTREE deeper insight into forest products market conditions and trends and more leverage during negotiations and transactions. IndusTREE’s long-term relationships with major players throughout the forest products industry mean landowners who work with IndusTREE get the best timber prices possible. That’s the IndusTREE Advantage!

Major worldwide forest products companies such as Georgia Pacific, International Paper, John Hancock Timberlands and West Fraser are all customers who continue to benefit from the IndusTREE Advantage through IndusTREE’s top quality management, harvesting and transportation services. Since its founding in 1994, IndusTREE’s focus on relationships hasn’t changed at all. Cutting timber can be a once in a lifetime decision, and we don’t take that lightly. All landowners can be 100% confident when working with us and enjoying the IndusTREE Advantage!

Company Highlights

  • Founded in 1994
  • Expert Procurement Foresters
  • Dedicated Logging Crews
  • Over 1 Million Transport Tons Transported Annually
  • 3 Manufacturing Operations
  • Land Management Services
  • Timber Purchasing & Harvesting
  • Truck & Rail Shipping Network
  • From Landowner to End-User
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"J.B. Hunt Transport considers IndusTREE a valued Dedicated Contract Services® customer in the forest products industry. Our Ag Services team has provided cut-site-to-mill fleet solutions that deliver value and efficiency for IndusTREE and its customers, overcoming complex logistics and terrain challenges. We look forward to continuing our relationship that prioritizes people, safety, and sustainable solutions. "

- IndusTREE | Timber, Logging, Manufacturing & Properties