Love Of Outdoors Led Silver Saw Award Winner To Industry

Timber Harvesting magazine features IndusTREE Logging
November 26, 2014

October 2014 – Crossties Magazine

Starting out, Larry Jones, president of IndusTREE and this year’s Silver SawAward winner, never saw himself in the manufacturing business.

A passion for the outdoors led Jones to Auburn Universityto pursue a degree in forestry management and eventually start his own company. But in 1999 when that company merged with IndusTREE, a vertically integrated forestry company, Jones quickly found himself at the helm of a company, operating log-processing facilities that produce key products like rail ties and power poles. “That was the biggest difficulty I faced because I had never run manufacturing operations so I didn’t really know what to expect.” Jones said. “I had been buying and selling timber, but allof a sudden I was producing a product to sell.”

Assisting Jones as he learned to navigate the new market was longtime business partner Lee Davis, whom Jones has been working with since college. “Lee and I went to college together and started out together when we were very young.”Jones said.
President Larry Jones
Larry Jones – President

Larry Jones

Larry Jones, President

Also helping Jones learn how to best run a manufacturing division was his mentor, Larry McGinn, who Jones had done some work with in the past. “I helped Larry with his timberline operation and really got to know him when I was much younger.”Jones said. “I learned a lot from him. He always told me to make a quality product and remember to invest back into the business and my manufacturing sites. He would always tell me to keep up with the times and not just sit back and be happy where I am. That advice helped guide me, and I feel help make the company successful.”

As IndusTREE’s president for the last 15 years, Jones has helped guide the company to much success. In fact, under Jones’ leadership, IndusTREE has grown into the Southeast’s premier provider of sustainable forestry and timberland services and supplies every forest industry service through its four divisions, IndusTREE Timber, IndusTREE Properties, Indus TREE Logging and IndusTREE Manufacturing.

Through his work at IndusTREE, Jones strives to do aJl he can to help not just the company but also the railway industry in general. “I’m trying to give back to the industry and do my part to hopefully be a good partner and provide quality products.” Jones said. “And, at the same time, hopefully educate others about what all is involved in creating a crosstie. A lot of work goes into it to get it from the tree to the track.”