About Us

Starting as a timber procurement and forestry consulting operation in 1994, IndusTREE has grown and is now the Southeast’s premiere provider of sustainable forestry and timberland services. IndusTREE has evolved into a major supplier of every forest industry service, from seedling to finished product, and works closely with all industry entities, from landowners to loggers and from mill owners to mill customers.


IndusTREE’s four divisions combine to give customers
the IndusTREE Advantage by adding value at every step of the forest industry market cycle:


This vertical integration adds up to the IndusTREE Advantage that benefits landowners of all sizes, from small-tract individuals to some of the largest corporate timberland owners in the world. Explore our website and learn how the IndusTREE Advantage benefits you when partnering with IndusTREE.

IndusTREE's Dedication to Worker Safety & Health

“It’s not just a part of everyone’s job description, it’s the right thing to do.”

IndusTREE is committed to worker safety and health in its workplaces and work processes. We have implemented and rely on a continuous improvement approach to protecting all workers. Our top-down approach encourages worker participation and compliance. Our goal is to remove the hazards we can, empower workers with the knowledge to identify and avoid any remaining hazards, and reduce work-related injuries and illnesses.

Our Leadership

Larry Jones

President: Manufacturing, Partner

Larry Jones is the CEO of IndusTREE Holdings based in Wetumpka, AL. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Forestry Management and a minor in business. He is a registered forester in Alabama and Georgia. In the 25-plus years since starting the business the company has developed into a vertically integrated organization comprised of 4 divisions and employing 200 people. Larry is a past board member of the Forest Resource Association, the Alabama Forestry Association and the ForestPAC. In 2014, he was the recipient of the Silver Saw Award for the Railway Tie Association.

Will Reaves

President: Timber, Logging, Properties, Partner

Will graduated from Auburn University in 1994 and began his career in forestry buying logs for a hardwood veneer mill. He then made the switch to begin buying timber for a timber dealer. In 2001, he moved to Auburn and began working with IndusTREE Timber.

Mel Blackwell

Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Mel is an accomplished Senior Executive with 30 years of highly successful operations, sales and marketing leadership, general management. He earned his BS in Marketing from The Harbert College of Business at Auburn University, and his MA in Management from The Manderson Graduate School of Business at The University of Alabama. He has experience across numerous diverse industries. As COO, Mel leads and manages all operations across all IndusTREE divisions. Throughout his executive career, Mel has held leadership positions with IndusTREE Holdings, The Blackwell Group Consulting, EBSCO Industries, Inc., Health Partners America, ET Global Exhibit Group, McLeod Software, Test America Analytical Testing, Arch Wireless, and Green Tree Acceptance.

General Managers

IndusTREE’s General Managers & Timber Buyers are committed to the company’s core values. This comes naturally because these are the guidelines for their personal lives as well. Each and every day is met with these goals in mind:

1. Team Work
2. Accountability
3. The Golden Rule
4. Integrity
5. Rational Thought
Why Choose

The IndusTREE Advantage comes from working with IndusTREE's team of dedicated, skilled professionals who have expertise in all segments of the forest products industry, from seedlings to log harvesting to sawmill operations and beyond.