Matching the right logs with the right mill adds value for landowners and customers

IndusTREE’s three manufacturing facilities efficiently produce industrial items critical to the transportation and energy infrastructure of North America. Core products such as rail ties, utility poles, grade hardwood lumber, and pallet stock are produced every day at our facilities. Providing key markets for regional timberland owners, IndusTREE Timber and logging managers ensure logs are procured and shipped to the mill best suited to process them according to customers’ orders, increasing efficiency and product quality. (Three hardwood sawmill facilities are owned in partnership with longtime wooden pallet producer Bass Lumber; a pole and piling company was recently acquired separately.) IndusTREE Manufacturing’s regional mill locations feature diverse processing capabilities that combine to create the IndusTREE Advantage for both landowners and mill customers!

"Our Timber Buyers understand there’s more to the timber business than cutting and planting trees."

- John Hall | Realtor, IndusTREE Timber

Manufacturing Services


  • Combined over 30 million board feet annual hardwood lumber production.
  • More than 200,00 railroad cross-ties produced each year.
  • Strategically located throughout the State.
  • More than 50,000 utility poles and pilings produced annually.
Why Choose

The IndusTREE Advantage comes from working with IndusTREE's team of dedicated, skilled professionals who have expertise in all segments of the forest products industry, from seedlings to log harvesting to sawmill operations and beyond.