Specializing in Timber Purchasing and Harvesting

Long-term working relationships with wood-consuming mills throughout the Southeast make IndusTREE Timber one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful timber procurement and management operations in the region. These relationships and IndusTREE’s own manufacturing facilities ensure landowners have viable markets even during the toughest economic times. That’s a big part of the IndusTREE Advantage! And at every step of the process, IndusTREE Timber works closely with landowners to ensure satisfaction.

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"Working with IndusTREE Timber for the past 8 years, I have been pleased with their attention to detail in regards to stewardship and local market knowledge. They are quick to respond and good with communication when needed. As a forester, it is great to work with people that have extensive experience in the forest industry."

- Area Manager | Manulife Investment Management

Timber Services


  • Procurement representatives in territories serving parts of Alabama and Georgia.
  • A network of PLM certified logging contractors.
  • Efficient performance of any type of harvest: clear-cut, select-cut, thinning, wet ground conditions.
  • Post-harvest services such as site prep and replanting.
  • Custom sustainable management plans that meet landowner goals and objectives.
Why Choose

The IndusTREE Advantage comes from working with IndusTREE's team of dedicated, skilled professionals who have expertise in all segments of the forest products industry, from seedlings to log harvesting to sawmill operations and beyond.